Yes on Measure L

Local Farms, Local Food, Local Benefits

Vote Yes on L for a farm the size of 67 football fields, fresh fruits and vegetables for Oceansiders, an agricultural learning center for children, AND a new fire station.

North River Farms

Vote YES on Measure L to preserve Oceanside’s farmland, grow fresh produce for Oceanside residents, and create an education center for children to learn about farming.

A YES vote for Measure L is a vote for North River Farms, San Diego County’s first farming community. Designed by locals, for locals, more than half of the 268-acre site is farmland and open space. If approved by Oceanside voters this November, Measure L will:

  • Produce locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables for thousands of Oceansiders, along with U-pick orchards.
  • Preserve agriculture with an 88-acre working farm – THE SIZE OF 67 FOOTBALL FIELDS.
  • Build a new fire station with funding for equipment and staffing.
  • Establish an agricultural education center for young children to learn about farming and the value of agriculture.
  • Create 10 miles of public hiking and biking trails.
  • At no cost to taxpayers, provide $7.5 million to widen North River Road and College Bridge, and improve all roads connected to the site.

Planting for the Future

A YES vote on Measure L preserves Oceanside’s farmland, and creates an agricultural education center for children to learn about farming.

North River Farms will be San Diego County’s first working farm within a neighborhood. The centerpiece of North River Farms is an 88-acre organic farm – the size of 67 football fields. Run by locals for locals, the farm will provide fresh, locally grown produce for thousands of Oceansiders and will include U-pick orchards.

North River Farms includes up to 585 affordable homes within walking distance to public transit built for teachers, firefighters and other working families – including 58 affordable apartments.

To honor Oceanside’s farming tradition, and plant the seeds of Oceanside’s future farmers, a new on-site agricultural education center will teach children and their families about the value of farming and agriculture and the importance of eating fresh food.

Farming Over Mansions

Voting NO on Measure L is a vote against local farming. If the measure fails, luxury homes on sprawling 2½-acre lots will be built over the farmland and Oceansiders won’t receive any of the benefits of North River Farms – including millions for schools, new parks, traffic improvements, and a new fire station.  

Vote YES on Measure L to send a strong message that Oceanside doesn’t need more large estate homes on sprawling 2½-acre lots built on farmland.

North River Farms
YES ON L - Approved North River Farms Plan
North River Farms
Property was Zoned for Estate Homes on Sprawling Lots

Investing in Oceanside’s Future

Create Jobs & Economic Investment

Vote Yes on L to help Oceanside’s economy and increase property values. Economists who have studied North River Farms say it will create 674 good-paying permanent local jobs and generate $5.9 million annually for Oceanside. It will also create 485 construction jobs and provide an $86.4 million boost during construction.

North River Farms also is a long-awaited investment in the city’s east side, spurring millions in needed economic investment where numerous working families live.
Source: San Diego North Economic Development Council

Enhanced Fire Safety & Neighborhood Services

Vote Yes on L to provide fire safety enhancements that will cut firefighter response times in half to protect against wildfires in the area. The community will also generate $1.6 million in annual tax revenue for Oceanside’s General Fund to help pay for firefighters, parks, libraries, road repairs, and other neighborhood services.

North River Farms includes a new on-site fire station and provides funding for a new fire truck and personnel – placing emergency equipment and first responders where they are needed. Every minute counts during emergencies.

Less Traffic, Road Improvements

Vote Yes on L to improve fire, bridge, bike and road safety. The builder will widen College Bridge to six lanes, improving traffic flow, increasing fire evacuation routes, and re-routing the currently dangerous bike/pedestrian lanes – which children use to walk and bike to Del Rio Elementary – off the bridge to their own dedicated paths.

All roads connecting to the project will be improved, including North River Road, Wilshire Road, Vandegrift Boulevard and College Boulevard.

Better Infrastructure

Vote Yes on L to widen North River Road and College Bridge, and improve all roads in and around North River Farms, including SR-76, College Boulevard, and Wilshire, ALL at no cost to taxpayers.

In addition to major traffic improvements, North River Farms will improve sewer, water and storm drain connections, and bring reclaimed water to the agricultural region – contributing $80 million in new infrastructure to the region.

Learn more about Traffic Improvements
for parks and other public facilities
for local schools and education
for Oceanside’s vision plan
new Little League and football fields at Melba Bishop Park


88 acre Farm
A New 88 Acre Working Farm for Oceanside
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Local Produce
Local Produce for Thousands of Oceanside Families
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Agricultural Education
Create the next generation of local farmers
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Enhanced Fire Safety
New fire station, new fire truck, new personnel
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Road Improvements
Road improvements for less traffic
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Jobs and Economic Investment
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Affordable Housing
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North River Farms will increase nearby property values and help Oceanside’s economy when we need it most, and it connects us to farming and agriculture – that’s why I am voting YES on Measure L. As San Diego County’s first farming neighborhood, North River Farms will provide homes built for teachers, veterans, firefighters, and other working families – while preserving Oceanside’s farmland and growing fresh fruits and vegetables for thousands of Oceansiders. I strongly support YES on Measure L because of the benefits it will create for all of us in Oceanside, including parks, trails and traffic improvements, along with the affordable homes we need.

Dan Iman

retired military helicopter pilot and business owner
North River Farms’ commitment to farming is unprecedented and it's why it has my full support. An 88-acre working farm is the size of 67 football fields. That's awesome and it will be a huge win for the community because the fresh fruits and vegetables that farm will produce will stay in Oceanside, feeding thousands of local families and supplying our restaurants with organic, locally-grown produce. The farm at North River Farms is the definition of a win-win for Oceansiders.

Dustin Campbell

a longtime Oceanside farmer who owns 142 acres of farmland that he and his family have farmed for 26 years.
As a firefighter, public safety will always be No. 1 for me. I am voting YES on Measure L because North River Farms is exactly the kind of community we want to see more of – a community that will help us save lives by reducing our response times to wildfires and medical emergencies. North River Farms combines both on-site fire resilience and off-site investment in our public safety and firefighting infrastructure. It includes a new station, a new truck and staffing for the station, which will improve 9-1-1 response times in the whole South Morro Hills area. That’s why the Oceanside Firefighters Association has endorsed YES on Measure L.

Jacob Chambers

Oceanside firefighter
I am voting YES on Measure L because North River Farms will produce locally grown fresh food for Oceanside and provide many public benefits – including an education center for young kids to learn the importance of agriculture and the value of farming – PLUS $5.2 million for Oceanside schools. North River Farms will preserve Oceanside’s agricultural land by creating an 88-acre working farm within a neighborhood. We need more local farming, not more estate homes on sprawling 2 ½-acre lots – which is why I am urging my friends and neighbors to vote Yes on Measure L.

Jeanne Iman

retired Director for Curriculum and Instruction and School Principal for Oceanside schools
I have worked on an Oceanside farm for nearly 25 years and been in farming for 50 years and I believe in our agricultural future. That’s why I support Yes on L: North River Farms – it creates an 88-acre organic farm, the size of 67 football fields – and nearly 700 permanent jobs! Run by locals for locals, this working farm within a neighborhood will provide fresh, locally grown produce for thousands of Oceansiders and will include U-pick orchards. In addition to farming, the agricultural education center will help educate our next generation about farming and so I’m urging everyone to vote YES on L.

Jose Calderon

Oceanside farmworker
North River Farms was planned with passion and purpose by a local team with a commitment to help reconnect us to our agricultural roots – that’s why I support YES on Measure L. This agricultural neighborhood creates an opportunity to connect with the land and our food supply for those who may otherwise not have access to agriculture and our local farmers. With an 88-acre farm and an agricultural education center, North River Farms will teach children about the importance of farming and healthy food habits. Because of that and other community benefits, I strongly urge Oceansiders to vote YES on Measure L.

Luawanna Hallstrom

farming advocate and leader, National Council of Agricultural Employers past president
As a neighbor of North River Farms, I know firsthand how dangerous the roads are in South Morro Hills – and I have been a victim of reckless driving here. I support Measure L because not only is North River Farms preserving farmland and our community’s unique flavor, it provides badly needed widening and other traffic improvements at no cost to taxpayers. None of us want to see any more fatal accidents on North River Road. Vote YES on Measure L to reduce traffic congestion and make our roads wider and safer.

Oceanside resident Chris Libs

an agricultural land owner and resident of South Morro Hills for 17 years
We must do everything we can to support agriculture, and that absolutely includes supporting farming communities like North River Farms that preserve farmland and create a fresh locally-grown food supply chain that will feed thousands of Oceansdiers. As an agriculturalist, I have a unique perspective on how access to healthy local produce helps a community’s health and sustainability. With a dedicated 88-acre farm – the size of 67 football fields! – North River Farms will bring organically grown fruits and vegetables to Oceanside’s families and restaurants – and that’s why I am voting YES on L.

Vikki Almond

local agriculturalist who has represented growers in marketing fresh produce

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