Our Opponents: Fact-Checking Their Claims

Sadly, Measure L was initiated by wealthy property owners and landlords who oppose North River Farms, San Diego’s first farm-based neighborhood. These opponents want to preserve the site for estate homes on sprawling lots that would consume agricultural land.

Our opponents are well-known for opposing almost any new proposal for Oceanside, regardless of merit. This includes elected and appointed officials who have had the chance to improve conditions in the City, but consistently voted NO – rejecting projects that could benefit all of us. They have voted NO on road and traffic improvements, NO on evacuation route upgrades, NO on homeless programs and NO on affordable housing. Again and again, they have voted no.

Some of our opponents don't even live in Oceanside, and some of them don't just own rental properties -- they own entire apartment buildings! They oppose anything that threatens their profits.

If this measure fails, the land’s zoning will revert back to zoning for luxury homes on sprawling 2½ acre lots that only the rich can afford. That’s what the opponents want, but that’s not what’s best for Oceanside residents. Please do not let that happen. Vote Yes on Measure L!

A YES vote on Measure L sends the strong message that Oceansiders prefer farming communities over estate homes built on sprawling lots.

Fact Check #1: “The project is in a fire zone.”

Don’t be fooled! North River Farms is not in a high fire zone, according to CAL FIRE. North River Farms will build a new fire station and fix failing roads to significantly improve evacuation routes. That’s why it’s endorsed by Oceanside firefighters.

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Fact Check #2: “The project will worsen traffic.”

Also wrong. A YES vote on Measure L will REDUCE traffic congestion by widening and fixing nearby roads, including North River Road, Highway 76, and College Bridge – at no cost to taxpayers.

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Fact Check #3: “The project will be a burden on taxpayers.”

This also is false. Voting YES on L will help create nearly 700 local jobs, increase property values, and contribute $1.6 million annually to local parks, libraries and other neighborhood services. The millions of dollars in road, bridge and infrastructure improvements will be paid for by North River Farms at no cost to taxpayers.

SOURCE: San Diego North Economic Development Council and City of Oceanside.
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