A farm the size of 67 football fields for Oceanside!

Preservation of farmland and locally grown produce for Oceanside families and restaurants are among the benefits of North River Farms.
August 26, 2020
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OCEANSIDE (August 26, 2020): With the desire to preserve farmland and produce locally grown fruits and vegetables for Oceansiders, 20 acres of contiguous farmland have been added to the existing acreage for a total of 88 acres of farming at North River Farms (NRF) – all as part of our implementation of the project's agricultural management plan as a benefit for Oceanside.

Preservation of local farmland and the production of locally grown produce for Oceanside families and restaurants are among the reasons why North River Farms is such a great community for Oceanside. The community will be San Diego County's first farming neighborhood. In that same spirit, an additional 34 acres of contiguous open space (for a total of 54 acres, overall, when adding the 20 acres of additional farmland) has been set aside to benefit the long-term preservation of both farmland and open space. Now, more than half of the 268-acre community is devoted to farmland and open space.

"North River Farms’ commitment to farming is unprecedented and it's why it has my full support," said Dustin Campbell, a longtime Oceanside farmer who owns 142 acres of farmland that he and his family have farmed for 26 years.

Campbell added: "An 88-acre working farm is the size of 67 football fields. That's awesome and it will be a huge win for the community because the fresh fruits and vegetables that farm will produce will stay in Oceanside, feeding thousands of local families and supplying our restaurants with organic locally-grown produce. The farm at North River Farms is the definition of a win-win for Oceansiders."

To learn more about NRF’s working farm and the locally grown produce it will supply Oceanside please visit: oceansidegrown.com

Please don’t forget to vote YES on MEASURE L this November (or October if you vote by mail) to lock in these community benefits for Oceanside!



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