Measure L preserves farmland and protects it from luxury home developments on sprawling estate lots

Vote Yes on L for a farm the size of 67 football fields, fresh local produce, a children's agricultural learning center, AND a new fire station.
September 10, 2020
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Oceanside residents cherish the city’s connection to agriculture. Farming is not just an industry – it’s a way of life. That’s why for many Oceansiders, farmland preservation is a priority.

A YES vote for Measure L is a vote to preserve farming and create a locally grown supply of fresh fruits and vegetables for Oceanside. Measure L supports the city’s approval of North River Farms; to vote No on Measure L is to cut agriculture off at its knees. San Diego County’s first farming community, North River Farms will establish an 88-acre regenerative farm – the size of 67 football fields – within a neighborhood to provide organically-grown produce and u-pick orchards for thousands of Oceanside families. More than half of the 268-acre site will be set aside as farmland and open space in a healthy, agricultural community that connects people with the land and teaches young children about the value of farming. Homes will be nestled among farming, large public parks, and 10 miles of trails.

If Measure L is NOT approved, what will happen to this land?

Currently, the site is being used for industrial farming that makes shipments across the country instead of staying in Oceanside. This creates the perception with some people that the area is dedicated exclusively for agriculture – but that’s not true.

Fact: Prior to North River Farms approval, the site was zoned for luxury estate homes. This means if Measure L is not successful, the site would revert back to that zoning and therefore be divided by right into 2 ½-acre lots with no requirement to preserve farmland.

Picture it: This site would be split into massive residential lots with no public parks, traffic and road improvements, preservation of agriculture or other community benefits. That’s not what we want for Oceanside.

Bottom line: if Measure L is defeated, farmland won’t be preserved and Oceansiders will lose out on local produce, a fire station, millions of dollars for schools, millions more for road and bridge improvements to reduce traffic, and many more public benefits at no cost to taxpayers.

Oceansiders have the opportunity to lock in these public benefits by voting Yes on Measure L. Your Yes vote on L also sends the strong message that Oceanside doesn’t want more large estate homes built on farmland. So when you return your ballot by mail in the coming weeks or if you vote at the polls this November, please remember to vote #YESonL! Measure L is located near the bottom of your ballot.

About Measure L

A YES vote for Measure L is a vote for North River Farms, San Diego County’s first farming community. Designed by locals, for locals, more than half of the 268-acre site is farmland and open space. If approved by Oceanside voters this November, Measure L will:

  • Produce locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables for thousands of Oceansiders, along with U-pick orchards.
  • Preserve agriculture with an 88-acre working farm – THE SIZE OF 67 FOOTBALL FIELDS.
  • Build a new fire station with funding for equipment and staffing.
  • Establish an agricultural education center for young children to learn about farming and the value of agriculture.
  • Create 10 miles of public hiking and biking trails.
  • At no cost to taxpayers, provide $7.5 million to widen North River Road and College Bridge, and improve all roads connected to the site.

Learn more by visiting YesonLOceanside.org.



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